Creating clothing with emotions

Three Danish students give a new meaning to clothing. These clothes are actually crafted from your own emotions and experiences. The Danish design students Bjørn Karmann, (interaction), Kristine Boesen (textiles) and Julie Helles Eriksen (fashion) have come up with a concept named Abstract_ where they use your feelings to make an unique garment. Type a story about anything (your best friend, favourite food, first pet) and data gained from the pace of your keystrokes combined with facial recognition data picked up via webcam is translated into a one-off patterned material. Then the material is sewn into a garment of your choosing, sweaters, skirts and more. The basis of the concept is a deep concern for human nature. The garment shapes even reflect human error, featuring uneven button holes and asymmetrical cuts.

Quality of life relevance
I think that people can connect better with this kind of clothing item. It’s crafted from your own emotions and it probably fits with your personality. People will maybe not get throw away clothing that means allot to them.

Trend context
One thing that definitely drives this concept is personalization. We live in a society with a growing interest for unique and personalized products, and we search for authentic experiences.


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