Nowadays designers are figuring out which sustainable resources they could use for everyday objects, that’s exactly what Solidwool did. The company figured out a way to make strong, durable and sustainable chairs and other furniture made out of wool. Yes, you read right..wool. So how do they do it? They wash and dry the wool, than they put it in a mould, apply pressure and added a bio-resin that binds everything together. And last but not least, they apply a transparent layer that protects the material. Their manufacturing methods are designed to have the lowest environmental impact as possible. But this is just the start, the company is doing what they can with the resources they currently have. Solidwool aims to manufacture the most natural, lowest impact and highest quality wool composite material. “We want Solidwool to be considered as a sustainable alternative to today’s petrochemical based structural reinforced plastics,” states Solidwool on their website.


Quality of life relevance
Owning a chair that is made out of sustainable material doesn’t makes you happiest person in the world. But the idea of contributing or making an effort to help out does. Together we can and should act more sustainable and buy thinks with care, think we can enjoy and most importantly, think that do not harm the environment.

Trend context

The trend that influences projects and material innovation like Solidwool is sustainability. They aim for a world that uses sustainable, durable and renewable resources.


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