Please touch the art!

Can you imagine being blind and never be able to see the Mona Lisa or other classical artworks? Me neither. But what if we could let people feel the artwork? No, I’m not talking about touching a million euro painting…I’m talking about a new project from Unseen Art. They want to give the Mona Lisa and other world-renowned artworks the 3D treatment so that they can be touched, making them accessible to the blind and visually impaired. In this way they can experience the artworks for the first time and create their own impressions and opinions.

Unseen Art
Unseen Art

Quality of life relevance
This experience could influence the quality of life from people all over the world. The blind and visually impaired people can finally “see” the artworks like they never were able before. The can finally experience art, maybe even in a better way then we can.

Trend context
We can link this project to technology and also equality. We are finally in a time where we can create stuff like this with a 3D printer in no time. But we also have changed in our way of labeling people, it does not matter if you have a disadvantage or not, we are all equal in the 21ste century.


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