Would you still eat meat if it was wrapped in fur?

Would you still eat meat if it was wrapped up in fur? Would you think twice before buying meat? Artist Marloes Haarmans want us to think about what we consume, and that we have to be aware of what we buy and where it comes from.


With her Eaton series we wants to literally unpack our notions of the consumption of animals and the behemoth food industries that package and sell them. She has wrapped some renderings of raw beef sausage (ossenworst), rabbit pâté, pig liverwurst and duck pâté in fur and skin-like material, to link it back from the animals who where one jumping around outside but are now slaughtered and sold to us, the consumers.


Quality of life relevance
Being aware is one of the things that make us human. It is good to think about the things we buy and put into out bodies. We should not only be ware of what we eat but also who produces it. This is not only good for out minds, it can also have a effect on our bodies. If we put less unhealthy stuff In out bodies we should feel better and mote energetic.

Trend context
We can link this Eaton art series to transparency. We want to know where our food comes from, how de animals the are treated and what kind of stuff is actually on our food.


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