Edible food packaging from Tomorrow Machine

Tomorrow Machine, a design studio in Stockholm thought of a new idea for decreasing the amount of waste we produce by making edible and compostable food packaging in their project called: This Too Shall Pass. They develop a packaging that expirers when the food inside does. The design studio has created three types op packaging: one for olive oil, rice and raspberry smoothie.


The capsule that surrounds the olive oil is made out of caramelized sugar and edible wax.


The pyramid shaped packaging that holds the rice is made out of biodegradable beeswax, so please…don’t try to eat this one!



The packaging of the smoothie is made out of a mixture of water and agar. Agar is a type of seaweed and can be used as a natural binder. You should keep this one refrigerated, not only to keep your smoothie nice and fresh but also to keep the packaging in the best condition.

Quality of life relevance
If these edible packaging will replace all our non biodegradable waste, it could have a big impact on our lives. Decreasing waste make will make the world in general a better place. It’s good for the environment and also for us humans. With less waste or polluted water and air around us, we should notice some health changes.
This concept is very idealistic, but it has some potential. It has a long way to go before it could actually be on the market, but it’s nice to think that this could be the packaging of the future.

Trend context
We can link this concept to sustainability, it’s focused on less waste and new edible, biodegradable and environment friendly packaging material.


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